You are a goat on a pole. You were, anyway; it's time now for you to let go of your beloved poles (by pushing them into the sea, never to return).

Figure out how to let go of all of your poles in this simple 3d puzzle game.

Made for Toronto Game Jam 2020 with the theme "together but apart." The goat on a pole was a required asset.

Created by Logan Pladl (@LoganPladl)


Keyboard Only

Arrow Keys: Move

Z: Undo

R: Reset

Space/Enter: Confirm

Escape: Pause

Install instructions

For Mac: If you get an error that says that the developer cannot be identified, the solution is to click the question mark on the error window, click "open general pane," and then click "open anyway" and then it should work.


Letting Goat - Windows 38 MB
Letting Goat - Mac 77 MB
LettingGoat - Linux 41 MB

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